Stephanie Forstner


„Fresh and natural quality in regional and organic foods are widely favoured nowadays. A unique menu that captures the taste of the region is in increasing demand.

This has been the principle behind lemonpie ever since our company was founded.

When we purchase our goods, we deliberately choose mature, reliable suppliers. After all, good food begins with a good source.”


Stephanie Forstner
Sustainability Office

Sustainability. A special focus for every member of our team.

Working for a sustainable future

2002/08 Regional products

Right from the outset, we considered it important to choose regional products for our foods.

Das Beste aus der Region

2007/01 IT requirements

Since 2007 we have been working with Klüsner, a middle-sized IT family company from the region.

2007/02 Logistics

Our fleet consists of energy-efficient cars with “Airdream” certification.


2007/03 Internal communications

Since the beginning of this year we have used David® by Tobit.Software for internal communications.

Tobit Software

2010/04 Communications

In order to avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions, we have used “myTelco” since the beginning of this year.


2011/01 Kitchen equipment

Highly efficient equipment is used for all kitchen requirements. Regular maintenance is carried out in order to guarantee maximum efficiency.


2011/02 DKV fuel card

In the interests of route planning optimisation, we have used the DKV fuel card for our corporate vehicles since 2011.


2011/08 FAMAB & LECA

lemonpie is a member of the industry association FAMAB Verband direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation e.V.


2012/01 Important resources

Duplex. We print on both sides of our paper – any paper with single-sided printing is given coil binding for renewed use.

2012/03 QR code

In the spring of this year we activated our QR code to simplify the exchange of information between lemonpie and its customers.

2013/06 Supplier

From the beginning of this year we have worked exclusively with Transgourmet as the supplier of all products, with only one contact person for all orders of any kind, and only one delivery in vehicles equipped with individual refrigeration/temperature chamber, thus guaranteeing huge CO2 savings.


2013/06 Clothing

Since the summer of this year we have purchased our service jackets from Ullman, a company with production facilities in Germany.


2013/07 Energy supply

Use of motion sensors / LED light bulbs / “light off” switches to increase energy saving awareness.


2013/08 ReFood

Separation of food waste, and also appropriate disposal and delivery to the corresponding systems. Our organic waste is used for processing biogas.


2013/09 “fairpflichtet” code

Appointment of our sustainability officer.


2013/11 FAMAB / LECA quality seal

Presentation of the FAMAB Award.


2014/02 Internal communications

In order to avoid the unnecessary use of paper, this year we began working with Dropbox.

2014/03 Business trips

We increasingly travel by train on business trips – use of the Deutsche Bahn “Event Ticket”.

Deutsche Bahn

2014/04 lemonpie Academy

Launch of the lemonpie Academy in order to train our employees exclusively onsite.

lemonpie Akademie

2014/07 Green electricity

Our electricity became climate-friendly this year as we now only use green electricity.


2014/07 Electrical testing

Testing of all lemonpie electrical equipment at Eurogress Aachen and at the DLF Sendepause in Cologne.

2014/07 Sustainable Company

Certification as a German Sustainable Company 

Sustainable Company

2014/08 Solar water heating

Installation of solar water heating at Burg Kirspenich

2014/09 Fairtrade day

In future there will be a day when only Fairtrade products will be on offer at our company restaurant in Cologne.


2014/10 Annual report

Publication of the annual report “fairpflichtet” for 2013/2014

2014/11 Healthy food for our youngest

Sustainable cookery course for children

2015/03 Sustainability concepts

Customers can determine the CO2 footprint of their events by booking sustainable modules.

2015/03 Training at the Service Academy

In the first quarter of this year our Service Academy integrated and explored sustainability topics into working processes in its training courses, true to the motto: GO GREEN!

2015/04 Integration company

Eurogress in Aachen and Deutschlandfunk in Cologne have become integration companies.

Integration Unternehmen

2015/06 FAMAB Sustainability Meeting with Walbert Schmitz

Exchange of experiences and ideas for implementation of the Sustainable Project.

2015/08 Bio Pen

Our writing is now “green” as well! We have adopted the Bio Pen to record our ideas, concepts and creations sustainably.

2016/04 Germany becomes cage-free

lemonpie event catering now supports the cage-free campaign Käfigfrei organised by the Albert Schweitzer Foundation.

Sustainable Company

2016/07 Sustainable Company

Recertification as a German Sustainable Company 

Sustainable Company

2016/07 Certification

Organics certification for Sendepause