Fair catering and fair hospitality

The base for good business

Bringing together people and markets, staging communication, intensifying business relationships – fairs offer the perfect opportunity for public presentation. The first impression counts: the more comfortable your guest feels at your booth; the more time he is going to spend on-site.

As experienced fair caterer we enthuse your guests with a fair gastronomy that leaves no wish unanswered. Finest gourmet quality, from canapés to a full roast dish. Friendly, professional staff and distinctive decor create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Furthermore, we offer you a full-service package including all facets of an up-to-date fair hospitality. From the planning to the organization of food, beverage, equipment and staff – we provide complete and reliable guidance until the end of the event. We can also short-termly react to your unexpected wishes. If a spontaneous booth party arises from the circumstances, we are ready.

High standard fair hospitality

We don’t make any compromises concerning freshness and quality. This starts with the selection of our ingredients and is not yet at an end with our intelligent packaging solution. In order to give you the chance to fully concentrate on your exhibition business, our fair catering freshly delivers all daily made snack products, if desired on elegant serving plates.

Lemonpie mini bap

Catering offer with large variety

From canapés, sandwiches and baguettes or finger food, salads, fresh fruits and vitamin cocktails up to Spanish tapas, all is included in our range. We also deliver soups, quiche, roast dishes, complete buffets, lunches and sweets, as well as diversified cakes directly to your booth!

Our voluminous range leaves nothing to be desired; choose your favorites from our fair catalogue or let our catering experts provide advice on your selection.

farmer’s bread slices
lemonpie Buffet
lemonpie Dessert - chocolate mousse
Fingerfood in a jelly jar

Service staff for your booth catering

For your first-class exhibition appearance, our catering is pleased to support you with experienced staff. It is professionally schooled in the handling of guests and convinces due to its positive, cultivated and pleasant appearance. Our fair hostesses cater to the needs of your guests with their perfect service. Do you wish for an extraordinary presentation at your booth? We have barkeepers and cooks for live cooking events in our team of employees. Furthermore, you can of course take advantage of our full service: from the providing of equipment and decoration over the serving of the selected dishes to show cooking and cocktail mixing; we are looking forward to arranging your unforgettable exhibition appearance.


Decoration creates atmosphere

We likely beautify tables, counters and bars with floral arrangements or other decor elements, if desired by the customer.

Furniture, equipment, tableware

Furniture, equipment & tableware

Are you in need of further furniture? With high tables, counters and chairs, tableware, cutlery, table linen and napkins, we can completely equip your booth. Also coffee machines, beer taps and fridges are part of our wide range.

Geschnetzeltes mit Nudeln und Kirschtomaten

Ingredients and allergens

With the perfect formulation of our products we can provide you with detailed information about all our ingredients. With your order confirmation you automatically receive a listing of your ordered food including all ingredients and allergens that require declaration; you will always be on the safe side.

Of course we largely renounce artificial additives and flavor enhancers.

Salat mit Ziegenkäse

Bio quality

We follow the organic label of the European Commission. Next to the exclusive ecological production, we attach great importance to the protection and conservation of the environment, to animal welfare and the utilization of locally available resources.

The application of (i.a. regional) bio-products ensures high quality concerning nutrients and freshness. Therefore, lemonpie can guarantee its clients healthy food from organic ingredients.

Staff Lemonpie

Quality management for satisfying fair catering

The goal of our quality management is to increase the effectivity and the efficiency of our working and business processes. We meet specific material and temporal requirements in order to preserve and develop the quality of our products and services.

Contents of this management are for example the optimization of communication structures, professional solution strategies, the increasing of the satisfaction of clients, as well as the motivation of the staff, the standardization of several working processes, norms for products or services, documentations, vocational trainings, fittings and the ideal design of working spaces.

Even more: for several years we have been following the guidelines of the organic label of the Federal Institute for agriculture and nutrition and only use products certified or recommended by this agency. For our clients this means reliability, professionalism and the highest quality demand as a solid base for a smooth planning, organizing and production process, as well as the strict consideration of the first hospitality rule, that the client gets perfectly cared for in the specific time he makes use of our service.


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